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Most Popular Hikes

Bonticou Crag

A half-day (2-4 hours) hike to a giant white rock outcropping. Several mile moderate hike with optional rock scramble over boulder field (talus) below the rock face. Hike is a mix of carriage trails, wooded foot paths, and rock surface. Enjoy an amazing view of the Catskill Mountains and a 360 degree view from the top of Bonticou. Truly the best half-day hike in the Hudson Valley!

Millbrook Mountain (& Gertrude’s Nose)

A full-day hike (6-8 hours) with some steep uphill sections. This hike is strenuous and 6-8 miles in length depending on exact route taken and if Gertrude’s Nose is also reached. Enjoy scenic vistas of the valley overlooking New Paltz as you walk on top of New Trapps, Bayard & Millbrook Mountain cliffs. Enjoy watching hawks and turkey vultures sore high but below you!

Undercliff/Overcliff Loop

An easy but rewarding 5-mile loop of well maintained carriage trail. Enjoy scenic vistas of both valleys alongside the Shawangunk Ridge and watching rock climbers ascend the famous steep cliff faces for which the Gunks in New Paltz are famous.

Awosting Falls

Enjoy a nice easy to moderate half-day hike to a beautiful and very tall waterfall that showers into a pool of crystal clear below. Magnificent forest and carriage trails lead to and from the waterfall; a hidden gem.

Shaupeneake Ridge

This is a strenuous half-day hike, though an easier alternative route can be taken to get the same wonderful view. Hike past a waterfall through a beautiful tall deciduous forest that includes tulip and sassafras trees and leads up the ridge to a scenic view point overlooking the Hudson River. Sit and enjoy a birds-eye view of the river – watch tug boats, barges, and sailboats pass up and down this waterway.

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